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Are you trying to make your workplace safer? Let us assist you with your team's or entire organization's Healthy & Safety measures.  From protective masks to sanitizing, from testing your staff to protective clothing we got you covered.

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Conducting Rapid Testing:

  • Asymptomatic workers should be tested at least twice per week.
  • Rapid testing can be performed by a health care professional or a trained individual that has the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform the test correctly, depending on the requirements in place for your jurisdiction.
  • Specimen collection for rapid testing may also be done by the person being tested (i.e., self-swabbing) if a trained individual is supervising them.
  • Training resources are available from your province or territory (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario).
  • Make sure that COVID-19 precautions are in place during rapid testing.
  • Make sure that the tester is wearing adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), including:
    • Gloves
    • Eye protection
    • Long-sleeved gown
    • Medical mask
  • Participants should properly wear a well-constructed and well-fitting mask.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces between users.
  • Practice good hand hygiene.
  • Maintain physical distancing as much as possible (e.g., when workers are waiting for a test).
  • Conduct the testing in a well-ventilated space.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and  COVID-19 related resources