Medical-Grade Products

Click here to view a PDF file of the PROTEQ Product Catalogue.

Proteq holds a Medical Device Establishment License to import and sell Class I Medical Devices.

Our products include:

Medical Gowns (AAMI Level 1 to 4)

Medical Masks (ASTM Level 2 and 3)

Surgical/Medical Drapes such as; 

  •  Angiography 

  •  Caesarean 

  •  Cardiovascular 

  •  Laparoscopy

  •  Percutaneous

  •  Laparoscopic Abdominal Perinea 

  •  U Split E.N.T.

  •  Anasthesia 

  •  Mayo Stand Cover



We are here to assist your organization. Please feel free to reach us using the form below or email us at info@proteq. 

Thank you.