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Fresh Effect™ Alcohol-Based Antibacterial Sanitizing Individually Wrapped Wipes

single pack antibacterial wipes

Fresh Effect™ Antibacterial sanitizing wipes protect you and your family from bacteria by killing 99.9% of tested bacteria.

Advantages against sanitizing gels:

•It provides fresh, almost soap & water like cleaning without drying hands with its moisturizing formula.

•Easy to carry on you (in your purse or pocket)

•pH value is suitable for skin.

•Does not contain paraben.

•It provides maximum protection for every use.

•It's effective against the tested gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria.

•Perfect solution when you need to wipe a surface area to disinfect. 

Because of our 3-layer packaging, the shelf life is longer than the typical wet napkins. 

Fresh Effect™ is ideal for travel, commute, schools, stores, restaurants, cafeterias, medical and dental operatories, operating rooms, and other critical-care areas. Basically, you can safely use Fresh Effect wipes anywhere you can imagine. Just add it to your purse, keep it in your car.