Are you geared up for school?

Are you geared up for school?


Parents are facing a difficult decision in Canada and around the world as we start to receive emails and phone calls from our school boards regarding back to school plans. 

As a mother of two teenagers, this has been a constant discussion in our household, and it hasn't been easy. My kids want to go back to school. They miss their friends, the social structure, and face to face relationships that kids crave at this age. Virtual learning has played an important role for them, but it is definitely not for everyone. 

The short answer is we don't know what is right. We don't know if there is going to be a big surge in numbers in a very short time or if the spread will be contained. The decision also depends on how old your children are, whether they will be able to practice all the hygiene rules, keep their distance, wash their hands often, avoid sharing gadgets and books, and touching their faces?

On top of all that, will they wear their mask?  And perhaps for hours at a time depending on their age? How will they adapt to it? How many masks should I pack with them? Where will they keep their mask when not wearing it? Will that pose more risk than good, if it's not kept away from sneezes and coughs? 

As we all know it, this is a complicated situation. 

None of this is easy, and some families will decide to send their kids back to school and some will keep them home.  In the age of COVID-19, it seems we are all forced to become amateur scientists and doctors,  while also being the best parents we can be.

In the midst of it all, hoping to provide some level of relief, Proteq offers a silver ion broad-spectrum antimicrobial non-medical mask. It brings you peace of mind knowing your child's mask is not gathering and multiplying viruses and bacterial by the minute, sitting on his/her desk or in their backpack. 

 The fabric and the silver ions used have been certified by OEKO-TEX as free of any harmful ingredients and earth-friendly. 
Take a look at our product pages to get familiar with silver ion technology, what it offers, and see if it is for you and your family.

(Please avoid it if you have a known silver allergy.)