Nonwoven Fabrics

Nonwovens are used in various industries, such as Medical, Agriculture, Hygiene, Packing, Bedding, and Furnishing, Acoustic, and Construction.  in the medical field, Nonwovens provide protection against biological agents. They deliver critical safety properties, such as prevention against infections and diseases. With today’s multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria and viruses, nonwovens can help in the fight against cross-contamination and the spread of infection in a medical or surgical environment. Because they are used only once and incinerated after use, the need for handling is avoided and the spread of contaminants is minimised. Their lint-free and non-woven nature prevents contaminants to be spread easily.   according to a new Smithers Pira market study, in North America, disposable nonwoven-based products account for 90% of all surgical drapes and 95% of all surgical gowns. there is a growing body of research proving the superiority of disposable medical supplies compared to reusable products, in terms of infection control, comfort and less overall carbon footprint.    There are a multitude of advantages to the use of single-use disposable nonwovens in healthcare such as; Protection against dry or wet contact air-borne particles Excellent barrier properties Excellent uniformity Breathability Abrasion resistance and lint-free Repellent Self-adherent edges Aseptic folding Engineered stability for ETO, plasma, radiation, or steam sterilisation Single-use = 100% certainty of sterility  Proteq offers a wide selection of nonwoven materials such as 100% PP Spunbond, Meltblown and their composites, such as SMS, SMMS and laminated nonwovens that are widely used in medical disposable products. Our products are manufactured with sustainability principles following iso 14001:2015 standards.
Spunbond is manufactured with new-generation production lines and slot system technology. Thanks to the slot system technology, it is ensured that the fibres form a more homogeneous distribution on the fabric surface during the production stage. Spunbond is used in multiple industries and is biodegradable.   Production Details: Raw Material Type: 100 % Polypropylene (PP) Weights : 10 gr/m2 – 120 gr/m2 Production Width: 320 cm (126‘’), 240 cm (95”) Bonding: Termo Bonding (Calender) Specifications: Hydrophilic, Anti-Static, UV Stabilizer, Flame-Retardant, Biodegradable
 Products such as overalls, medical gowns and covers are typically manufactured with SP and Meltblown fabrics composed together in multiple layers to provide for the desired protection and liquid barrier properties.  In addition to the wide product range, laminated products can be produced in various weights, widths and colours.  Production details: Raw material type: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Viscose Product type : SP / SMSP SMSPS / SMMSPS SPV / SMSPV Weight range: 22 g/m2 – 150 g/m2 Width range: 240 cm (95”), 160 cm (63”) Colours: White, Medical Blue, Biflex Blue, Blue Properties: Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Anti-Static, Flame Retardant Bonding: Hotmelt