Our Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Proteq practices equal opportunity, fair hiring and procurement processes when contracting and filling positions, and hires or works with only the most qualified individuals and suppliers to ensure the success and soundness of our business.  Proteq has adopted this policy to ensure that all suppliers, employees and potential candidates are considered for employment opportunities in a fair and consistent manner.

This Policy Shall:

  1. Provide guidelines for personnel requests and supplier selection process;
  2. Detail procedures for all job postings and supplier assessment;
  3. Describe the application process for potential candidates and suppliers;
  4. Outline the interview process;
  5. Summarize the process for background checks and references;
  6. Supply procedures for offers of employment or contracting;
  7. Present resolutions for conflict in the hiring process.

Personnel Requests

Proteq requires that all requests for new or additional personnel be directed in writing to the Proteq division head, and Human Resources for approval.  Personnel requests shall include the position title, essential job functions, necessary qualifications, reasons for the opening, and the hours/shifts required.

Job Postings


  • Proteq requires that all new postings of employment be circulated internally on the company message board and through Human Resources for a period of one week before being made public. 
  • This process is designed to give current Proteq employees first priority in consideration for new employment opportunities within the company, and to promote applicable employees whenever possible.
  • Qualified applicants under the employ of Proteq shall remain subject to the normal hiring processes, including interviews, etc.


  • After a period of one week, if internal postings have not yielded a sufficient field of fully qualified candidates to choose from, Proteq shall make public any new employment opportunities.
  • External job postings shall be based on necessity and budget requirements.
  • Human resources shall be responsible for the placement of all recruitment advertisements.

Application Process

  • Proteq requires that all applicants complete an application for the consideration of employment. 
  • Applicants must also submit a resume and letters of reference.
  • Proteq will review all properly completed applications, and interview the most qualified candidates.
  • Candidates that for any reason do not meet the requirements for employment shall remain classified as applicants and may re-apply once each month for reconsideration.


  • Interviews shall be scheduled and conducted by Human Resources and the hiring manager.
  • Interview questions shall be compiled and reviewed by Human Resources to ensure their efficacy.
  • Upon completion of all scheduled interviews, the results shall be reviewed by the hiring manager.
  • The hiring manager shall make hiring decisions at his/her discretion.
  • Human Resources must be notified of all interviews conducted.
  • Applications and resumes of applicants that were not selected for employment shall be forwarded to Human Resources to ensure the appropriate retention of information.
  • Human Resources shall notify applicants not selected for employment regarding the closure of the position.

Internal Transfers

  • Employees are encouraged to apply for internal job openings, and will have their applications considered on the basis of their qualifications and potential for success at the position. 
  • Employees applying for internal job postings must first obtain the consent of their department manager. 
  • Internal applicants who are not selected for the position shall be notified by Human Resources.
  • In the event that an employee is selected for employment pertaining to an internal job posting, following their transfer to the new position they will begin a new probationary period. 

References and Background Checks

  • The hiring manager and Human Resources shall conduct reference and background checks on all potential candidates for employment at Proteq.
  • Background checks are designed to protect the safety of our employees by minimizing the hiring of potentially dangerous individuals with violent criminal backgrounds.
  • References shall be checked to ensure a candidate’s qualification for the position.

 Offer of Employment

  • Proteq shall give a conditional offer of employment to applicants that have been selected through the application and interview process. 
  • Job offers shall be contingent on the applicant’s agreement to company policies, successful reference and background checks, the ability to pass a drug test, and any other condition applicable to the position that are required of the employee.
  • Should the applicant accept an offer of employment from Proteq, he/she will be considered an employee, and provided with a start date and required location to report for duty.  Employee orientation shall be provided, and will include workplace policies, rules and regulations, and other job specific information designed to assist the employee in his/her duties.  Authorization forms and policies shall be signed during this period of orientation.

Former Employees:

  • A former employee that left Proteq on amicable terms may be eligible for reemployment.
  • Former employees that left Proteq without proper notice, or whose employment was terminated for disciplinary reasons, shall not be eligible for reemployment.

Supplier Diversity and Our Supplier Selection Process: 

Proteq is committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with small, minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged, veteran owned and local business enterprises.  Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy reflects Proteq's desire to create opportunity for suppliers to market their products to global markets.

The primary goal of our Supplier Diversity Program is to provide opportunities to diverse suppliers that satisfy our purchasing and contractual standards.

Secondarily, it supports our customers in achieving their own corporate diversity goals. 

Our objectives include:

  • Actively seeking out certified diverse suppliers that can provide competitive, high-quality goods and services whose business model is aligned with our business strategy.
  • Ensuring the inclusion of diverse suppliers as a part of our strategic sourcing and procurement process.
  • Communicating the value of supplier diversity both internally and externally to all stakeholders.
  • Leveraging our supplier diversity results to meet our clients’ supplier diversity requirements.
Proteq Sourcing is encouraged to identify and include diverse suppliers and service providers in the procurement process. Proteq's Supplier Diversity Program aims to achieve our corporate diversity goals while enabling the growth of diverse businesses in our communities.
We strive to create vendor–buyer relationships that allow diverse organizations to continue to develop, while offering quality products at competitive prices.