MUSK FFP2 [N95] Protective Respirator Mask | Adults | Pack of 10

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Health Canada Guidance in choosing your medical mask:


Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of these respirators and/or failure to wear these respirators during all times of exposure can reduce effectiveness and may result in sickness.

  • 1. These respirators meet the requirements of EN 149:2001+A1:2009, filtering face piece respirators for use against particles. They should be used to protect the wearer from solid and non-volatile liquid particles only.

  • 2. Proper selection, training, use and appopriate maintenance are essential for the respirator in order to protect the wearer from certain airbone contaminats. Failure to follow all instructions on the use of these respiratory protection and/or failure to properly wear the complete respirator during all periods of exposure may adversely affect the wearer’s health, easily leading to severe or life threatening illness or permanent disability.

  • 3. Always check and make sure that the respirator is within the stated shelf life. (Use by Date)

  • 4. Before use, the wearer must be trained in the use of complete respirator in accordance with health and safety standards/guidance.

  • 5. These respirators do not contain components made from natural rubber latex.

  • 6. These respirators do not protect against gases/vapors.

  • 7. These respirators are not suitable for children.

  • 8. Do not use in atmosphere containing less than 19.5% oxygen.

  • 9. Do not use for respiratory protection against atmospheric contaminants/ concentraions which are unknown or immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH)

  • 10. Do not use with beards or other facial hair, which might inhibit contact between the face and the respirator ; thus preventing a good seal.

  • 11. Do not use in the presence of high intensitive heat source or flammable gas.

  • 12. Leave the contaminated area immediately if :

  •    a) Breathing becomes difficult.

  •    b) Dizziness or other distress occurs.

  • 13. Always be sure you are using the complete respirator.

  • 14. The respirator is worn during period of exposure of intend only.

  • 15. Replace respirator when necessary.

  • 16. Discard and replace the respirator if it becomes damaged, breathing resistance becomes excessive or at the end of the shift.

  • 17. Do not use this mask in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • 18. Particle filtering half mask shall not be used for more then one shift.