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Why Choose Proteq Medical: Proteq Medical is a boutique supplier of single-use medical devices, medical apparel and nonwoven materials with the mission to be a trusted partner for healthcare facilities, medical schools and healthcare brands across Canada.   Our motto is "Infection control supplies uninterrupted" so we help keep hospitals running safely and smoothly to provide the care their communities count on.

Canadian Supplier Proteq Medical offers surgical drapes, veterinary drapes, isolation gowns, surgical gowns and PPE. Engage us to see how we can help you achieve better results, efficiencies and productivity

 Proteq Medical manufacturing sites are ISO 13485 certified and CE marked with EN 13795 compliant.


What Sets Proteq Medical Apart: Self-sufficient and full-service manufacturing facilities with the latest technology and fully automated spreading, cutting, packaging and labelling machines. A boutique and collaborative design service with maximum flexibility to understand and meet your unique needs

Why Do Customers Call Proteq Medical: Looking for custom-made preferred solutions that are high-quality and competitive pricing

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