Choosing Nursing as Your Field

Choosing Nursing as Your Field

You are at a point in your life to make important career decisions. One of the fields you are considering of choosing is nursing. While nursing is such an integral part of the healthcare system, it could also be one of the most stressful occupations.  Accentuated with the pandemic, the nursing occupation is in all-time high demand and escaped at the same time.  

If you are planning to become a nurse you should ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I love people? 
  • Do I love helping people?
  • Am I able to provide compassionate care? 
  • Do I keep my own emotions in check when dealing with patients? 
  • Am I a person who can connect with people easily and show empathy?

These are some of the key questions you may want to reflect upon when deciding to pursue a career as a nurse. If you like to go a step further, you can examine some of the key competencies that are expected from a nurse: 

According to the Competency framework published by College of Nurses of Ontario, there is a total of 101 competencies organized thematically under nine roles:

1. Clinician

2. Professional

3. Communicator

4. Collaborator

5. Coordinator

6. Leader

7. Advocate

8. Educator

9. Scholar

You can find further on this study at Canadian Nursing Association CNO website. 

In terms of behavioural competencies here are a 5 key skills we would like to discuss:  

1. Emotional intelligence: You would need to have high level of emotional intelligence so that you can foster better relationships with patients and your coworkers. By understanding and being aware of the emotions of you can choose the best way to manage a crisis, a difficult patient or calm the patient's family. EI is one of the most important skills in any job but more so in a healthcare setting where emotions go high. 

2. Resilience: Working in a high-stress, high-pace environment one of the characteristics of a good nurse would be to manage stress and anxiety effectively and exhibit resilience to both the patient and other medical professionals around themselves. 

3. Critical Thinking: A nurse needs to have the innate ability to think critically and also solve complex problems that yields better results under time pressure. This skill would require being knowledgeable and being able to perform under stress as well. 

4. Cultural Awareness: It is especially important in Canada to be culturally aware of the patient's and coworkers background. We live in a society where multiple cultures live together in harmony and a nurse who promotes diversity and inclusion, and treats everyone with respect will be loved by patients and will naturally be doing a great job. 

5. Confidence: Being a confident communicator as a nurse will enable you to discuss issues more effectively. Being a confident care provider will put your patients at ease and trust you which in turn will smooth any treatment and care. 

 In conclusion, being a nurse is one of the most satisfying occupations you can choose. Helping patients to regain their health, ease their pain, taking care of them, giving them comfort at their most vulnerable times would give you the best feeling even after a terriblly long day at work.  Thank you for choosing this field with determination and devotion to help others. 

Originally story by our sister brand Scrubletic