How are you making your Halloween 2020 safe and fun?

How are you making your Halloween 2020 safe and fun?


Halloween lovers out there! Do you think you can scare away the Coronavirus this Halloween?


This year Halloween will be a lot different from any other year. Many families are re-imagining their Halloween celebrations to keep it safe while having much-needed fun.  


Lucky for us, Halloween this year falls on a Saturday so you have the whole day to turn it into a Halloween 2020 extravaganza for your family.


Here are a few creative ways to make it fun, safe and memorable:  

Make Halloween 2020 Fun, safe and memorable


  • Create a full-day plan to celebrate and scare away the virus! Give this printed plan to your kids to get them excited and follow throughout the day. 
  • Dress up your house like you never did!
  • Do Halloween-themed crafts with your kids, decorate the house and your porch together
  • Bake or prepare Halloween-treats together with your kids and do a treat-exchange with the families in your bubble
  • Carve a pumpkin (or two) together as a family
  • Make your own costumes and here are some great ideas for you
  • Now, put up your costumes and go out for a neighbourhood walk during the day
  • Plan ahead and limit your trick or treat visits to a few houses in your safe-bubble
  • Organize a Halloween parade on your street and keep a safe distance with your neighbours 
  • Go for a drive through in the most festive and decorated neighbourhoods
  • Stock up your Halloween candy and snacks and have a family spooky-movie night. Here are some great options listed for you 
  • Play a Scavenger hunt game with your family at home or on your street with your neighbours 
  • Dress up every room door, as if each room is a house by itself and do trick or treating indoors with your little ones
  • If you do go outdoors for small parades or in-bubble trick or treats, wear your Proteq Halloween mask and sanitize your hands often. 

Proteq Halloween and Fall Masks


      If these DIY fun ideas are not enough, here are the top Halloween events if you are living in the GTA. 

      Here is another fun site to keep Halloween 2020 fun and safe at the same time. 

      And finally, please be reminded of the safety guidelines.

      Keep the Halloween spirit alive, stay safe and have fun!