It takes a village to beat COVID-19!

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It takes a village to beat COVID-19!

It takes a village to beat COVID-19. Do your part and install the new Canada COVID-19 App, developed in partnership with Health Canada and the Government of Canada as a central resource for accessing personalized, trusted, evidence-based information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app will support you to;
  • track your symptoms,
  • receive the latest updates, and
  • access trusted resources.

The app asks for basic information such as; province and postal code and allows you to assess your symptoms and help inform others around you if you are ill or tested positive. It uses blue tooth technology and helps identify and alert the users where there might be a break-out. It works based on you sharing your status voluntarily.  Your information collected by the app is not used to identify you. It is used only in aggregate form and anonymously. 

The app has further resources such as; 

  • Updates Feed

Real-time feed circulating COVID-19 news and information from both the Provincial and Federal Governments.

  •  Daily Statistics

Daily outline of COVID-19 cases in your area including individualized tasks, and support resources based on the results of your self-assessment.

  •  Assessment Tool

Assess your evolving symptoms and determine whether you require further testing and guidance from a healthcare professional.

  •  Resources

Learn how to support your community with updates on blood donation opportunities, local food drives, social distancing techniques to combat feeling isolated and more.

For further information visit:


Application de COVID-19 du Canada et l’outil de suivi des symptômes. L'application vous aidera à suivre vos symptômes, à recevoir les dernières mises à jour et à accéder à des ressources fiables.