C-Arm Equipment Drape with Clips

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C-Arm Equipment Drapes Help reduce the risk of contamination in the Operating Room. 
Includes two scope drapes and one C-Arm drape with clips.
The scope arm is easily covered by the clip-on cover and prevents contamination.
Locking clips are included.
    Compatible with Siemens, Philips, Ziehm and GE C-Arm machines.

      Intended Use

      C-Arm Cover is used for isolating the contamination source to prevent contamination risk coming from hospital devices to media, patients or personnel during surgical operations from contamination.

      C-Arm Covers are sterile and disposable medical devices with transient use.

      The devices are intended for single use.

      The main performance indicators for C-Arm Covers are sterility, to cover the device without preventing device use and to provide sterile media by preventing contamination from the device to media. 

      Package Components 

      2 pieces of scope/fluoroscopy drapes 

      One C-arm drape with 6 clips

      Product Features

      C-Arm Drape with Clips Specially folded for easy application.

      Easy to use directional sticker labels for correct application.

      Two durable straps to properly secure the device to the machine.

      3 different sizes are available. Customized sizes are available upon request.

      Quality Control

      CE marking according to 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive and classified as Class I sterile medical device.

      Manufactured under ISO 13485:2012 Quality Management System standard.

      Notified Body: UDEM LTD A.Ş. (2292)

      EC Certification No: M.2016.106.7000

      GMDN Code: 43970


      Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide. Validated for ISO 11135 standard.

      Shelf Life

      5 years.


      20 in each case