C-Section Drape

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C-Section Drape 

Introducing our premium C-Section drape, meticulously crafted in collaboration with Obstetricians to ensure unparalleled efficiency and ease during C-Section procedures. Designed to streamline the surgical process, this drape boasts a strategically placed pouch and incise area, maximizing convenience and efficiency for medical practitioners. Experience the epitome of surgical precision with our expertly engineered C-Section drape, tailored to meet the demands of modern obstetrics.


  • Quick application and easier fluid control with a one-piece drape design
  • Clinically proven to reduce the risk of wound contamination and immobilize bacteria on the skin
  • Pouch facilitates quick clean-up, saving valuable time
  • Incise area allows for ease of procedure
  • Medical grade SMS nonwoven fabric creates a barrier to inhibit fluid strike-through
  • Eliminates the need for additional drapes or towel layers, saving time and money
  • Disposable
  • Sterile


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(Pack 3 Drape-only)

SMS C-Section Drape

with Pouch and Incise Area

Pouch: 77x71 cm

Incise: 38x30cm

196/257x325 cm  1