Euroset Vertical Isolation Pack

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Disposable Sterile Vertical Isolation Drape Pack  

EuroSet Orthopaedic Drape packs feature 2 and 3-layer absorbent fabric for high protection power, fluid absorbency and repellency besides patient security and staff comfort. Made from a bi-laminate and tri-laminate of layers of polypropylene and one inner layer of impervious polyethene film. Our special nonwoven fabric contributes to high fluid resistance, softness and fast drapability allowing for a clean and sterile surgery. 

 Ref No: 1259

Product No   Product Name  Size   Unit In Set 
 1 Vertical Isolation Drape 

330*240 cm 

incise area 

30*40 cm


 2 Table Cover 150*190 cm  1
 3 Cellulose towel 38*38 cm  4