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Introducing our customizable OR Turnover Kit, meticulously designed to streamline your operating room processes while adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling multiple products and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of our comprehensive kits.

Boost Efficiency:

Our kits are crafted to contain everything required for swift and effective setup of the OR suite, enabling you to achieve optimal turnover times. By minimizing setup time, you can maximize the number of procedures performed, ultimately improving patient care and throughput.

Promote Safety:

With single-use components, our kits significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination, aligning with the stringent recommendations of AORN. Each component is designed to uphold the highest standards of hygiene, ensuring a safe environment for both patients and medical staff.

Enhanced Protection and Agility:

Our absorbent table covers feature a specialized design that swiftly wicks fluids away from the patient, trapping them in an absorbent core and away from surfaces. This not only enhances protection from blood and bodily fluids but also extends the lifespan of OR equipment and simplifies cleanup procedures.

Cross-Contamination Mitigation:

Unlike reusable linens that may harbor contaminants even after laundering, our disposable kits arrive pristine and untouched, eliminating the risk of introducing lint, debris, or microorganisms into the OR. Additionally, our products offer superior protection for expensive OR equipment, minimizing the need for additional cleaning and maintenance.

Process Efficiency:

By providing all necessary products in a single kit, we streamline your workflow, allowing staff to focus on patient care rather than searching for supplies. Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of assembling turnover kits in-house, and embrace the agility of our ready-to-use solutions.

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, every second counts. Trust our OR Turnover Kit to optimize your OR processes, reduce turnover times, and keep your facility operating smoothly and on schedule. Experience the difference with our customizable solutions tailored to meet your specific policies and procedures.

 OR Table Cover 

Head Rest Cover

Arm Rest Cover

Patient Transfer Sheet 

Mop Head

Trash Liner

Garbage Bag - Drawtape - Blue, Red, White