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Introducing SMS/SMMS Nonwoven Fabrics: Revolutionizing Medical Sector Textiles

SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond) and SMMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Meltblown-Spunbond) nonwoven fabrics stand at the forefront of innovation in the medical sector, offering unparalleled protection and versatility. Crafted from 100% polypropylene (PP), these advanced fabrics combine multiple layers to deliver exceptional strength, durability, and barrier properties.

The technology behind SMS and SMMS nonwovens involves bonding together three or four layers: two outer layers of spunbond polypropylene and one or two inner layers of meltblown polypropylene. This intricate bonding process results in a fabric that effectively blocks contaminants while allowing for breathability and comfort.

Key Features and Advantages:

  1. Superior Protection: SMS and SMMS nonwovens excel in providing a protective barrier against fluids, microorganisms, and particulate matter, making them ideal for use in surgical drapes, gowns, and other medical textiles.

  2. Enhanced Strength: The combination of spunbond and meltblown layers results in a fabric with superior tensile strength, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding medical environments.

  3. Breathability: Despite their exceptional barrier properties, SMS and SMMS nonwovens remain breathable, allowing for moisture vapor transmission and enhanced comfort during prolonged use.

  4. Versatility: These nonwoven fabrics are available in a wide range of weights and specifications, catering to diverse application requirements. From lightweight surgical sets to reinforced fabrics for critical applications, SMS and SMMS nonwovens offer unmatched versatility.

Product Details:

  • Raw Material: 100% Polypropylene (PP)

  • Weight Range:

    • Spunbond (SS): 8 g/m² – 70 g/m²
    • SMS: 10 g/m² – 70 g/m²
  • Production Width: 240 cm (95”), 160 cm (63‘’)

  • Specifications: Hydrophilic, Anti-Static, UV Stabilizer, Flame Retardant

  • Accredited Testing: Stringent physical properties tests, including Strike-Through Time, Wetback, and Liquid Penetration Resistance, are conducted in accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with industry standards.


SMS and SMMS nonwoven fabrics find extensive application across the medical sector, serving as indispensable components in a wide range of medical textiles. These include:

  • Surgical Drapes and Gowns: Offering superior protection against fluids and contaminants during surgical procedures.

  • Sterilization Wraps: Ensuring the sterility of medical instruments and equipment during storage and transportation.

  • Disposable Caps and Shoe Covers: Providing barrier protection for healthcare professionals in clinical settings.

  • Wound Dressings: Offering a breathable and absorbent layer for wound care applications.

Our line of SMS nonwoven fabrics encompasses different grades suited to the sterilization needs of light to heavy instruments. Whether it's delicate surgical tools or robust medical equipment, our SMS nonwoven fabrics are available in a spectrum of weights and specifications to provide optimal protection and sterility assurance. From lightweight wraps for delicate instruments to heavy-duty barriers for larger equipment, our graded SMS nonwoven fabrics ensure the safety and integrity of medical devices throughout the sterilization process, contributing to enhanced patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities.

In summary, SMS and SMMS nonwoven fabrics represent a pinnacle of innovation in the medical textile industry, combining advanced technology with superior performance. With their exceptional protection, strength, and versatility, these fabrics continue to redefine standards in medical textiles, safeguarding healthcare professionals and patients alike.