Are you using your Canada's COVID-19 App?

Are you using your Canada's COVID-19 App?



My husband and I have downloaded Canada's COVID-19 app almost from the beginning. COVID Alert helps you protect your loved ones by limiting the spread of the virus. It provides notifications about potential exposure to the virus that causes #COVID19 so you can take action! 

The way it works is that, you can self-diagnose at the early stages using the app, isolate yourself if you feel sick and take a test.  Once you get tested and enter the result in the app, the app helps to trace back whom you were in contact with the last few weeks to alert them to get tested or at least be informed. 

So far, neither of us got any alerts that anyone we knew or got in touch with or around gotten sick with the COVID-19, which is great news only if that is true.

Or,  no one is using this app to alert so we can help stop the spread. 

Please do your part and download and use the app. It won't work if others are not using it. It takes 15 seconds to download, a couple minutes to set up but it might help you and others to know that the corner grocery store you always shopped had one person infected.

A 2-minute video on how it works:

Here is our original post regarding the app:

It takes a village to beat the pandemic. Do your part.