You can help to stop the spread!

Covid-19, Stop the spread -

You can help to stop the spread!


The year 2020 has been an extraordinary year.

My kids keep reciting the sad events that took place since January. The Australia wildfires, the Covid-19 pandemic which remains to be the number one topic of any news for months, Kobi's helicopter crash which saddened all fans around the world, the Ukrainian flight crash, the impeachment trials of the US President Trump,  Brexit, and finally losing of George Floyd.  We surely did not have a break so far.

But, the year is not over and we should keep our spirits high to fight whatever is circling around our blue planet and fend for ourselves. We certainly will beat the beast and get out stronger, better, and more prepared for what is ahead.

 In the meanwhile, do your part to stop the spread.

 Keep your physical distance, wash your hands often, do not touch your face when outside in public and stay home, and seek medical care if you are not well. There are plenty of resources available on Canada's COVID-19 app. We loved it! 

Wear a snug-fitting mask, like Proteq's antimicrobial mask, to protect yourself and others. 

Continue to put your health first (and your family and people around you), take a day at a time, do not expect too much from yourself, and talk to friends when you feel alone.

This too will pass!

Love from Proteq!