Medical Disposables



 Proteq Canada (MDEL #16512) offers Sterile Medical Drapes and a lineup of Disposable Medical Isolation Gowns (Level 1-4) meeting North American Standards CSA Z314 (Canada), American National Standards PB70 (USA),  and European EN 13795. 

Our products are CE marked and manufactured according to EN 13795 Performance Standards at ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified sites.  

Our medical-grade products include:

Isolation and Sterile Surgical Gowns (AAMI Level 1 to 3 and non-AAMI Rated)

Medical Masks (ASTM Level 2 and 3)

Surgical/OR Drapes such as: 






     Laparoscopic Abdominal Perinea 

     U Split E.N.T.


     Mayo Stand Cover

     Custom-made O/R Drapes, according to your requirements and specifications. 

Our Catalogues for your reference:

Isolation and Surgical Gowns Catalogue

Surgical Drapes Catalogue

We are here to assist your organization. Please feel free to reach us using the form below or email us at info@proteq. 

Prices may change based on volume and availability. Please inquire about pricing and delivery options.