Surgical Room Supplies

Proteq Medical offers a spectrum of healthcare solutions, from nonwovens such as spunbonds, meltblowns, and composite nonwovens to customized products such as special-purpose surgical drapes, veterinary drapes, surgical kits, disposable gowns and masks and protective medical apparel for healthcare professionals. 

As a Health Canada MDEL-licensed medical establishment, we uphold the highest standards in product and material sourcing. 

We are committed to our Quality, Patient Safety and Sustainability promises from raw materials all the way to delivery.

Our nonwoven fabrics are of the highest quality known in the industry with low linting and meeting the required medical criteria.

Our products are manufactured in ISO 13485 and ISO 9001-certified facilities and meet the EN 13795 standards with CE marking.

To further our commitment to sustainability, our fabrics are manufactured in ISO 14001-certified facilities and are environmentally friendly.

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